James, Software Engineer

What attracted you to work in IT? 

I’ve always had a keen interest in technology from a young age, whether it was gaming or ICT through school. I think it’s great how the innovation of new technologies can be used to help improve lifestyle and assist people with day to day tasks. Also,  it’s simply fascinating how connected to the world everyone is today, with so much easily accessible information at your fingertips.

What is your most memorable moment while working in the company? 

There are two – one being when I was given the chance to mentor a graduate in the team, passing on the knowledge I’d gained. Another was getting involved in the Business in the Community initiative, “Be a Saint Day”, through Liberty IT, where we had the opportunity to help a local charity by doing some gardening work.

Have you had the opportunity to travel while working at Liberty IT? 

There are numerous opportunities to go to the US to meet our colleagues within Liberty Mutual and build relationships .

Tell us a little bit about the culture within Liberty IT. 

I find everyone to be really friendly and there is a great team work environment. The work life balance is really good, and in particular, the flexibility to work from home. I also really value the mentoring process; as well as helping you to learn the ropes, it helps to welcome you into the organisation. In terms of the job itself, it’s fantastic to get experience using a wide variety of technologies.

What type of training have you received since you joined the company? 

I’ve been on numerous training courses to further my knowledge on SQL, Powercenter, IBM Websphere, Guidewire and Design Patterns. I also completed my Java Certification through Liberty IT, which was great.

Are you a member of the Social Club and if so, what’s your favourite thing about being a member?

Yes, I’m a member and my favourite thing is getting to know colleagues outside of work. Also, an added bonus is that while having fun, you get to try new restaurants and activities you may never have got around to trying otherwise.