Jude, Senior Business Analyst

Tell us why you chose a career in IT.

I chose IT simply because it’s a challenging industry, the learning never ends no matter your experience and I love constantly learning.

Why did you choose to apply to work at Liberty IT?

Liberty IT has a great reputation in the market, not just for their growth, establishment and job opportunities, but for the way they respect and treat employees. The fact that they’d won the Great Place to Work award several times, said a lot about the type of company it is and certainly got my attention.

What does your job entail?

My role is to work with the team to understand business requirements and in turn, to harness the development team’s talents to meet those requirements through building and delivering the right product.  This helps the business to be more efficient and grow faster, allowing customers to have a greater experience with Liberty.

What have you found different about working at Liberty IT in comparison to other companies?

In my opinion, there are a few differences, namely, Liberty IT acknowledges your skills and gives plenty of opportunities to exhibit your knowledge and experience.  What’s more, even what can appear to be a silly idea, is still welcomed, resulting in a very respectful work environment.  The management team is incredibly interested in investing in employees’ talents and giving people opportunities to develop themselves personally and professionally – unfortunately that doesn’t happen in every company.

For you, what makes Liberty IT a Great Place to Work?

There are many things – as simple as creating a comfortable work environment in the form of a good chair, having an onsite company gym, giving  you flexibility around your working hours, trust, transparency of leadership, amongst many other benefits.

What would your dream job be?

I want to grow my career in the IT industry in various roles and become an IT security consultant some years from now.