Lori, Project Manager

Tell us why you chose a career in IT.

My interest in IT started when I was at school and I decided to continue it through University with a degree in Software Engineering. I liked the idea of working with people as well as with the latest technologies.

Why did you choose to join Liberty IT over other companies?

I joined Liberty IT as an Associate Software Engineer graduating straight out of University in 2005. Representatives from the company had visited the University during my final year and were very friendly and approachable. I liked that there would be opportunities to travel to the US and that the company had a great social committee with lots of other graduates also working there.

Tell us about your current role within Liberty IT.

My current role in Liberty IT is a Project Manager within our Commercial Insurance division. I joined the team last summer and work closely with a team of ten developers and business analysts in Belfast and our colleagues in Liberty Mutual, to deliver multiple projects within the portfolio.

For you, what would be the main benefits of working at LIT?

For me, the benefits of working at Liberty IT have changed throughout my time here. As a graduate, I liked working for the company as it offered a lot of training and the opportunity to develop my career. Now I am a mum, I appreciate the flexible working environment Liberty offers and through our unique and tailored benefits programme, Liberty Choices, I can also take advantage of benefits such as childcare vouchers and a new car which I have recently ordered through the company green car scheme.

What’s the best bit of career advice you’ve been given?

To find a role you really enjoy doing and also not to be afraid to take on any new opportunities that arise.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

Anyone who knows me will know I love to shop, so my ideal job would be a professional shopper so I could shop all day!