Tony Marron talks to Silicon Republic about emerging trends for 2020

Monday, December 9, 2019

Tony Marron, Senior Director for Applied Innovation, was recently interviewed by Silicon Republic - sharing his thoughts on why it’s vital that professionals stay up to date on technologies of the future, and what he’s excited about for the coming year.

Based in Belfast, Tony is responsible for ensuring Liberty IT is positioned for maximum impact within the overall Liberty Mutual group, working closely with business partners and technical leaders. 

His key piece of advice when it comes to keeping on top of emerging trends is, 'The best way of doing that is to build up your network of people you trust and listen to their opinions. That will save you a lot of time'. He goes on to say 'Companies need to take some risks and embrace experimentation. It’s the only way you will learn quickly what will really advance your business'.

Tony goes on to give his perspective on key tech trends including computer vision, natural language processing (NLP) and augmented reality. 

Read the full interview to find out what Tony's suggested reading and listening materials are.

He closes with a reminder to follow the opinions of people you work with and trust - including Liberty IT's David Anderson, Mark McCann, Gillian McCann, Gillian Armstrong, Stuart Greenlees and Michael O’Reilly.