Make Yourself at Home

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Since we all moved to working from home, we’ve been gathering and sharing a range of useful links internally – and we don’t just want to keep these to ourselves any more!

We’ve been scouring social media and taking employee recommendations to put together a guide called Make Yourself at Home. Below are some of our favourite links on the themes of Working at Home, Learning at Home, Staying Well, Virtual Activities and Entertaining the Kids.


Working at Home
Tips and ideas to make working at home easier and more effective.


Learning at Home
Get inspired and learn something new - start investing in yourself today.


Staying Well
We all need to look after our physical and mental health - here are some helpful links.


Virtual Activities
There are so many things we can't do just now, but there are lots of innovative ways to enjoy activities.


Especially for Kids
Kids getting cabin fever? Here are some suggestions.


Employee Blogs
Some of our employees have written about their experiences so far:



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