Women in Tech Belfast 2020 - Be the 13%!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On 13 February, a contingent of LIT staff headed off to Titanic Belfast for 2020's Women in Tech Belfast conference. 

We arrived to a room filled with 350 people and a packed agenda for the day

There was a full day of content to listen to, digest, discuss and take home, with a range of speakers, panel discussions and workshops - plus a short networking session, comedy musical interlude and lunch. A lot to get done in one day! 

This short video will give you a great overview of the conference:

Mairead O'Cuinn, a Principal Software Engineer here at LIT, spoke on the morning panel about AI capability in NI - when asked what advice she would give to anyone starting out in AI, she said, 'read a lot, take part in Hackathons, go to Meetups and avail of online training such as Andrew Ng on Coursera.' 

We all loved the input from the keynote speaker Priya Lakhani - the CEO of Century Tech who started out in business selling chocolate bars in the school playground! She spoke about the shocking statistic that only 13% of people are happy at work - so we should all aspire to be part of that 13%.

June particularly enjoyed listening to Jennifer Neff who is co-founder of Elemental. 'Pure determination, doggedness and hard work got her to where she is today and the story of her journey and her delivery in telling it was the most engaging and inspirational I’ve heard.  If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, take it!' It was also really valuable for June to affirm that we are all Women in Tech, no matter our roles within a company - a fact that was reinforced by the vast range of attendees at the event. 

One of Zoe's highlights of the day was hearing from Aislinn Rice, MD of Analytics Engines. 'Aislinn gave us all some great tips - cherish your network, be comfortable with saying 'I don't know', be authentic and try to have a balanced life. it's always good to come away from a conference with some ideas you can remember and put into practice.' 

Summing up the day, Vicki said, 'I left the Women in Tech conference feeling way too motivated and determined after all the incredible talks! The biggest takeaways were: never taking no for an answer, persevering, and surrounding yourself with a good inner circle!'


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