Find yourself at

Tech Carnival 2020

Thursday, 5 November 2020

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Live online event

What to expect
Find yourself talking to our current Engineers, Recruitment Team and Leaders. Find out more about the training and support you will receive. Find yourself discovering some of the technology that we use. Find out more about our scholarship, intern and graduate opportunities.

Applications for our 2021 intake of Graduate, Intern and Scholarship roles close on Sunday 8 November 2020.

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Discover our technology

Just what does a day to day job entail? You'll hear from a wide range of our employees about the tech they're working on.

Learn about Life at LIT

What’s it REALLY like to work at Liberty IT? Find out more about our culture and why we’re officially a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Chat with our team

We’ll be on hand throughout the event if you’d like to have a private chat with someone from the team.

Here’s who you’ll hear from on the day, all members of the Liberty IT team!

Gillian Armstrong
Solutions Engineer & AWS Hero
Dave Anderson
Director of Technology
Cathy Donnelly
Snr. Director of Talent
Gerald Stewart
Associate Software Engineer
Amy Hollinger
Snr. Software Engineer
Darren Muldoon
Solutions Engineer
Danny Tuite
Associate Software Engineer
Corinna Thompson
Intern Software Engineer
Darren Broderick
Snr. Software Engineer
Glenn Horan
Snr. Software Engineer
Tricia Meara
Technical Capabilities Manager
Dwayne Armitage
Technical Capabilities Manager
Stephen Killilea
Talent Acquisition Partner
Birgitta Swanberg
Snr. Talent Acquisition Specialist
Freya Craig
Associate Software Engineer
Niamh McCartney
Intern Software Engineer


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Speak to a member of the Liberty IT Team

Do you have questions about the recruitment process? Ask our recruiters. Do you want to know what it’s really like to work at LIT? Talk to our current interns/graduates. Do you want to know more about the career opportunities? Our Technical Capability Managers will be available to chat.

3:30 pm

Cathy Donnelly

Welcome to Tech Carnival

Join Cathy Donnelly, our Senior Director of Talent, as she welcomes you to this year's virtual Tech Carnival.

3:35 pm

Darren Muldoon and Amy Hollinger

Life at Liberty - Diversity & Inclusion

Our Women in Tech and Pride @ LIT groups make a big impact in LIT and the wider community. Amy and Darren will tell us what they do and why it’s so important.

3:50 pm

Gillian Armstrong


Gillian started at LIT as an Intern Software Engineer and has worked her way up to a Solutions Engineer role. She’ll speak about her career journey, making the most of opportunities and how she became an AWS Machine Learning Hero.

4:25 pm

Danny Tuite & Corinna Thompson

Life at Liberty - Technology Focus

Hear from one of our current Interns and Graduates about their experience at LIT and ask them questions to find out more.

4:40 pm

Darren Broderick and Glenn Horan

AWS DeepRacer

Join Darren and Glenn to learn about DeepRacer - Amazon’s Machine Learning racing league. They’ll be discussing how the technology works, the league and their experience in the world championships in Las Vegas.

4:55 pm

Dwyane Armitage

Life at Liberty – Career Development

What are the opportunities once you join LIT? Dwayne will talk about our Training Academy, career pathways and promotion opportunities.

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