2019 in Review - DeepRacer

Monday, December 23, 2019

If you missed the news about our DeepRacer triumphs in 2019, you may well have been living in a far-flung cave with no wifi!

It started in Belfast in the summer, with our own internal DeepRacer league. At that point, none of us had any idea just what would lie ahead. We made a short video of the day, which feels like so long ago now.

The top teams from that day went on to compete in the Liberty Mutual league – firstly as part of a virtual competition and then, for Team Outrun, in the physical competition in the US. This was when it got really serious and we started to think they had a real shot of getting to the AWS DeepRacer championships at re:Invent.

Liberty Mutual League

Of course they didn’t disappoint, and Darren, Glenn, David, David and Paul won the LM league and tickets to the global contest in Las Vegas! Both Darren and Glenn blogged about their experiences of getting this far in the competition (linked from their names).

The next few weeks were all about getting as much practice as possible, with lots of input and support from colleagues. On Friday 29 November, Team Outrun started the long journey across the Atlantic to re:Invent.

We’ll let them take it from here – again both Glenn and Darren tell the story of the event in their own words in their blogs. They came fourth in the whole competition and held the world record time for a while too. 

We’ve said it before and will reiterate it here – we could not be more proud of what Team Outrun has achieved over the past few months. We’re already excited about DeepRacer Evo and what 2020 will bring for LIT Teams.

Finally, this DeepRacer TV video gives a great summary of the event and features input from our very own DBro!