A Year in the Life of a Software Engineering Intern

Thursday, August 15, 2019

‘My name is Ian Quain and I was an intern with Liberty IT from January to August 2019. It was a great experience and I can honestly say that I learned so much both from a personal and professional point of view. 

‘Day 1: You can’t help but feel super nervous as you arrive to the office, almost thirty minutes early because you’ve got to make a good impression! You’re unsure if you are over-dressed or under-dressed in your sweater and jeans, especially as you see some people in full suits and others wearing t-shirts. You’ll later not worry about this and come to work without styling your hair and wearing your comfiest t-shirts, but you don’t know that yet! You meet the other new starts before beginning your orientation and the PowerPoint laden meetings that are your introduction to the business. The nerves have died down a bit and you start to feel really cool as you look out of the office window at the mountains in the background.’ 

You can read the full story of Ian’s year at Liberty IT here: A Year in the Life of a Software Engineering Intern.  


Are you looking to take the next step towards a career as a software engineer? If you are about to start the second year of your software engineering, computer science or IT-related degree, then a placement year in a software engineering internship could be for you in 2020-21. An internship allows you to undertake a university placement within a company for the third year of your degree course. You will gain valuable experience and learn from other staff and teams. You will finish your placement with a solid understanding of the technical aspects of working as a software engineer, as well as an insight into day-to-day working life. If you’re proactive and willing to learn, then Liberty IT might be for you! 

Lee has recently started his placement as an Intern Software at Liberty IT, and will be with us until August 2020. He says,  

‘I’m learning about a lot of new things I hadn’t seen before – I’m getting great exposure to a wide range of technologies, some of which I didn’t even imagine existed. The work environment is friendly and supportive, and I’m learning business and customer relationship skills too. This will all be really helpful for my career and CV.’ 

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