LIT Gets Moving! We ran, walked and cycled through June.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

At the end of May, our LIT Balance wellbeing committee came up with the idea of a company-wide exercise challenge – we had tried it on a smaller scale for Dublin employees and there was a lot of interest in something everyone could take part in. We ran it for the month of June and it has been such a success that we’re continuing the challenge over the summer months.

Abigail Smyth, Belfast Chair of Balance, said, ‘We kicked off the LIT Gets Moving summer activity challenge with the goal of encouraging people to step away from their screens to experience the mental and physical benefits gained through exercise. We had over 100 people registered for the challenge and many of them have shared their inspiring posts on social media and in an internal Slack channel. We’re hoping the momentum continues through the rest of the summer and we can’t wait to see how people are progressing with their personal goals.’

It’s been really easy for people to take part, simply signing up to a website and then linking their own fitness device or manually logging exercise. We’ve seen some amazing photographs and some very, very competitive streaks coming out in people! It’s also been a great way to stay connected with each other – which we want to continue as the challenge runs on.

The best way, of course, to hear about the challenge is from those who took part, who have shared their thoughts below. We've also created a photo gallery on Facebook as we've seen some amazing sights.


Our clear winner was Jason Chittick, who paired LIT Gets Moving with his own personal challenge to cycle virtually from Lands End to John O’Groats, in aid of The Welcome Organisation.

‘I’ve found it both enjoyable and difficult to keep up the level of exercise needed to complete this challenge, but I've also been fundraising for The Welcome Organisation so it’s provided the motivation to keep moving.  And I’ve seen some beautiful sights on my cycles, including summer solstice sunrise in the Mournes.  Now I've finished my quest by reaching John O’Groats, I’m going to continue pushing myself by signing up to a Bletchley Park walking and coding challenge, along with a further event to support the Alzheimer’s Society.’


Cathy Donnelly was pipped at the post on the final day and came in third, after leading in week one.

‘I’ve never featured on a physical activity leaderboard in my life – this has got me serious kudos with my very active kids!! I have a whole new daily routine – first thing every day, it’s open the curtains and check the weather. If it’s looking good, I’m straight on the bike. If it’s not so good, it’s straight to the weather app to work out when I will get out and I simply can’t wait. Even at weekends the alarm goes off at 6am so I can fit in as many miles as possible. Add in a daily walk and I’m feeling fitter and stronger, mentally and physically, than ever. LIT Gets Moving has had a positive impact on the entire family – cycling with Seamus, walking with the kids – family first!’


Also featuring in the top ten were Michael Loughan, Sharon Goody, Kenny Gray, Amy Hollinger and Adam McGivern:



I have been completing the challenge through daily walks and running a couple of times a week. It’s been a great excuse to get out into the beautiful countryside where we live. Loving getting out with the kids, meeting up with my colleague Ellen and her daughter, and being amazed everyday by the wildlife that lives right under our noses. We have seen cows, sheep, goats, horses, pheasants, swans, ducks, geese, cats, dogs, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, herons and even an otter (he was my favourite!).



I’ve absolutely loved the LIT Gets Moving challenge this month - I’ve discovered so many hidden gems in and around Lisburn that I didn’t even know existed! After a busy day at the office (aka my spare bedroom) it’s nice to put on an energising playlist and head out to explore! The Count It app has been such a great motivator too – it’s even got me back into running!

Check out Michael’s playlist suggestions:

Old School Dance Anthems -

80s Bangers -

COVID Workout -



Since lockdown started, I’ve tried to keep my regular routine going – so as I normally got up at 6, I continued to do this and a morning walk then filled what would have been my normal commute. When LIT Gets Moving came along then, it was really a no brainer! If anything it’s made me up my steps a bit, but body won’t let me compete with the other LIT Ironmen!

Does it take 66 days to build a new habit? I think I must be there. It’s a lovely way to start the day sun or rain, but doesn’t always appeal when the alarm clock goes off. I would genuinely miss it now if I stopped and it also helps keeps the pounds off!



I’ve always enjoyed walking but lockdown has made me much more appreciative of being able to get out for a walk in the countryside. The LIT gets moving challenge certainly helped to motivate me and reawakened my competitive spirit. It made me determined not to lose my place in the top ten and as a result I could be found walking the roads day and night, regardless of what the weather was like!



I’ve really enjoyed the challenge, its most definitely helped me with the current situation, I was in rut of lying in until 8.30/9.00 but the competitive streak had me up earlier and out for a walk to get more steps in, which then had me wide awake for starting work.


Well done to everyone who took part – we’ve had unit prizes and an overall prize draw for participants, which was won by Phil Armstrong. We’re mixing it up a bit with the prizes for July so keep an eye on Twitter for updates as the month goes on.