Grad and intern tech carnival at Liberty IT

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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If you think Docker is someone who unloads ships, drift on by.  Otherwise you might want to discover what life is like at Liberty IT.

Discover Docker. Suss out Spring Boot. Grill our VR and Chatbot engineers. See what’s what in cybersecurity and bug-fixing web apps. Talk to other interns and graduates. Get up to speed on life at Liberty IT and tips on how to apply. Take the next step in your career. Come on up. Call in. Chill out. Drop by. Do it.

You know you should.

Liberty IT is a leading IT and software firm helping its parent Liberty Mutual arrive at leading software solutions for its clients and customers. Liberty is a leading employer of graduates and interns from IT and computing degrees, and we would love to talk to you at out next event!

The Liberty IT Tech Carnival brings together graduates and interns to showcase life at Liberty IT - where the culture represents an important part of what we have to offer. Come and talk to us at our Tech Carnival and we can fill you in on what we get up to on a day-to-day basis.

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Belfast- Wednesday 24th October, 5-8pm

Dublin- Thursday 25th October, 5-8pm

Interested in working in a fast-paced IT environment in Belfast or Dublin? Check out our current vacancies here to see what Liberty IT can offer you. We are proud to be an official Great Place To Work.